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Release/shipping date - 1st Dec 2014

Artwork by YHFPhoto
Styling by Sadaf Makeup


1. 'Find Peace' - Hannah Peel / Benge
2. REBOX - 'I Believe in Father Christmas'

On the A-side of this single, London-based, award winning artist and multi-instrumentalist Hannah Peel is joined by renowned, electronic musician and producer Benge for the original song 'Find Peace’.

Embracing Hannah’s influences and the musical tradition of 60s electronic pioneers like Delia Derbyshire, 80s electronic artists like John Foxx, OMD (with whom Hannah both worked in recent years) and modern artists like Vessel and Alt-J, Hannah harness a wide range of vintage analogue electronic synthesizers to deliver a Christmas song that is as modern and 2014 as any Christmas song can get!

Longing for the cold but merry winters of yesteryear and in these current times of ever present global warming, heat raging conflicts and political tensions; the song mirrors the universal message of winter and Christmas. It’s a tasteful sentiment to the ever-pressing needs of humanity, to ‘Find Peace’ in troubled times.

On the B-side is Hannah's remix version of Greg Lake's 1975 Christmas hit, 'I Believe In Father Christmas'.
Hannah truly makes this song her own with her beautiful voice soaring above a music box and subtle vintage yet playful electronics. Imploring a return to the traditional values of Christmas (as a time of family warmth and love and a feeling of forgiveness and acceptance) this makes it the perfect companion piece to the original A-side and a masterful reinterpretation of a classic.

The single ships December 1st.

Sold Out